Our Brand

Our Brand - Tauschen :- To Trade Globally.....

Our Brand

Brand Symbol

The Tauschen brand symbol is composed of a Corporate mark and our Corporate logotype.

The mark represents the initial “T Type of Cube” (for Tauschen) . It was introduced in April 2014 and Registered at the start of the company.


                            Brand Statement

                           TO TRADE GLOBALLY….....................

Tauschen Is Germen Word, Its Means "To Trade , To Exchange , To Switch". In Accordance to it, Tauschen is Having it's Global Vision to Do Business and it's Slogan is “To Trade Globally -  World Wide, reflects Tauschen commitment to continuously create new value at the cutting edge of technology & Development of Business World Wide. The Tauschen Group of companies develops unique technologies with Associates companies - technology holders for transfer & supply of  that particular technology  world wide. While carrying out manufacturing & Supplying Activities, applies its vision to create valuable products that markets continually seek.


Brand Charter

Tauschen Brand, Tauschen means Business characterized by originality and high quality, constantly creates, to trade globally, to facilitate human progress by Staying together and developing together, world wide with Tauschen Brand.

Tauschen  pursues excellence while adhering to universal principles. We develop unique technologies with our associate companies world wide and apply our vision to create valuable products With Tauschen Brand which the Market  continuously seek.

In all of its businesses, Tauschen is committed to create value that exceeds customer expectations. The brand promises performance that amazes and delights in the areas of technological strength, superior quality, and responsiveness. The Tauschen Brand- “To Trade Globally” is worthy of worldwide recognition and global acclaim.